Zimbabwe Hails Gold Coin Success and Wants To Issue More

5 hours 35 minutes ago
Sky-rocketing inflation saw people rushing to cash in their Zimbabwean dollars for US dollars, to stop their savings losing value. This led to a shortage of US currency and drove up exchange rates, so the central bank reacted by halting loans. But it soon changed tack, and last month issued gold coins worth US$1,800 instead, to ease demand for US dollars.

Pension Funds Suffer Worst Year Since 2009

5 hours 37 minutes ago
It sure is looking like the public pension ponzi is going to be even harder to sustain than over the last few years... That's because data released by Wilshire Trust Universe Comparison Service this week showed that public pension funds fell a median 7.9% for the year ended June 30. It marks their "worst annual performance since 2009," according to reporting by the Wall Street Journal.

From Davos Without Love - True Detective or True Conspiracy: Luongo

10 hours 23 minutes ago
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and feel like I’ve got the cheat codes to the world, that, like Neo in The Matrix, I can see the code behind the world they parade in front of us. But, I know, in my heart that this is, itself, just another illusion. It’s just another layer of false reality that forms the core of the conflict in Philip K. Dick’s seminal work that The Matrix borrows heavily from, UBIK.

Epic Collapse Is Upon Us

10 hours 24 minutes ago
Pretty soon, it’s going to be every country for itself in this main event of the fourth turning (aka the long emergency). Global unity is a mirage, along with all the preposterous narratives of a world government.

"Central Banks Are In Shock Their Households Are Too Hot, Soon To Be Too Cold And Too Hungry"

10 hours 33 minutes ago
US PPI was another deflationary surprise yesterday given the 0.5% fall in headline prices m-o-m and the weaker than expected 0.2% rise in core prices. Now pipeline inflation pressures are ‘only’ 9.8% and 5.8% y-o-y, respectively. Even so, the market’s fad for “sic transitory gloria mundi” faded yesterday, with stocks failing to hold gains...
5 hours 21 minutes ago
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