Dollar’s March to Record Puts Europe Currencies at Historic Lows

2 days 11 hours ago
The dollar’s march to record highs is sweeping aside other currencies, with the euro and pound hitting fresh multi-decade lows on Friday.The common currency slid 1% to its weakest since 2002, while the pound dropped as much as 2.1% to its lowest in 37 years, putting it on track for its worst week since early May. That came as a gauge of the greenback hit another all-time high...

US Power Grid Needs Trillions in Upgrades to Accommodate Renewable Energy Demands

2 days 11 hours ago
In August, California announced the end of fossil fuel-powered car sales by 2035, prompting green energy advocates to celebrate. However, flex alerts followed the announcement just days later, asking Golden State residents to avoid charging their electric vehicles during peak hours. Lack of compliance with the measure meant widespread blackouts due to the additional strain on the electrical grid.

Five Ancient Gold Coins and the Stories They Tell

3 days 3 hours ago
As a divine metal, gold not only served as a store of wealth for the rulers of ancient societies but it was also an earthly representation of unending and incorruptible divinity. Coins struck in gold, while definitely earthlier and more materialistic than religious or decorative items, also retained a special place in ancient societies. Due to their high value, these early gold coins were generally used for massive payments, either state-to-state transfers or military payments for long-term service, and were rarely handled by the general population.

China Is Quietly Trying to Dethrone the Dollar

3 days 3 hours ago
At their recent summit in Uzbekistan, members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)—a prominent regional organization led by China and Russia—agreed on a road map to expanding trade in local currencies. A road map for using local currencies in trade and developing alternative payment and settlement systems has been part of the SCO’s economic plan for years.
4 hours 38 minutes ago
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