Fed Tilts Toward Third 75 Basis-Point Hike on Stubborn Inflation

6 days 7 hours ago
Inflation is stubborn because “goin’ green!” by 1) restricting US fossil fuel production and exploration and 2) Biden/Congress endless spending splurge since Covid. So, The Federal Reserve has a tough problem: cooling inflation while US energy prices are up 54% under Biden. And those higher energy prices have percolated through the entire economy in terms of food prices and heating prices.

Central Banks Set To Hit Peak Rates at Faster Pace

6 days 10 hours ago
Investors are pricing in a sharper surge in interest rates over the coming months after the world’s major central banks strengthened their resolve to tackle soaring prices, signalling they would prioritise inflation over growth. A Financial Times analysis of interest rate derivatives, tracking expectations for borrowing costs in the US, UK and eurozone, showed markets...

Inflation Is Turning Hyper

1 week 2 days ago
Money supply took off during covid lockdowns. It is now about to take off again to pay everyone’s energy bills. But that is not all. Demands for currency and credit to be conjured out of thin air to pay for everything will be coming thick and fast. Expectations that energy prices, including European electricity, have peaked are naïve. Putin has yet to put the winter and spring screws on Europe and the world fully.
3 hours 40 minutes ago
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