What The White House's Refusal To Refill The SPR Means For Oil

1 week 2 days ago
The White House threw up a test balloon earlier this week, suggesting that it could refill the SPR when oil sinks below $80–according to Bloomberg, citing an anonymous WH source. The point ostensibly would be to protect U.S. crude production growth and keep prices from plummeting by creating artificial demand via refilling the SPR to the tune of more than a hundred million barrels. (This would be at a time when inventory is currently at only 434 million barrels, compared…

Rickards: A Liquidity Crisis + Recession Is The Big Threat Now

1 week 2 days ago
Are we hurtling towards a 2008-style crisis?With both a liquidity crunch AND a painful recession?Veteran macro analyst Jim Rickards is concerned the odds for this are fast increasing.In this hard-hitting and wide-ranging discussion, Stephanie Pomboy returns as guest host to ask Jim about this threat, his forecasts on the dollar, Fed policy, market risk & a number of other pressing topics.To hear his answers, watch our new interview with Jim Rickards.
4 hours 16 minutes ago
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