World governments are preparing for an Extinction Level Event (ELE); CDC reverses itself on every pillar of COVID theater

8 hours 44 minutes ago
(Natural News) We have two bombshell stories to bring you in today’s article and Situation Update podcast (shown below). The first story concerns new intel from commercial suppliers, indicating that governments of the world are stockpiling supplies like never before, seemingly in anticipation of an Extinction Level Event (ELE) that threatens to wipe out the...

Senator warns Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act is a “war on seniors”

13 hours 33 minutes ago
(Natural News) Fears are growing that senior citizens could be about to pay a lot more money for needed prescriptions as Democrats are poised to cut their prescription medication benefits ahead of the midterm elections. Over the weekend, the Senate passed the Democrats’ $700 billion Inflation Reduction Act, which is the most recent take on...

Walgreens "substantially contributed" to opioid crisis, judge rules

13 hours 48 minutes ago
(Natural News) California certainly has its faults. But when it comes to putting up a fight against Big Pharma and its drug dispensaries, the Golden State is often the leader of the pack. This was demonstrated once again with a recent court ruling out of San Francisco declaring the Walgreens pharmacy chain as a substantial...

The vaccine agenda was designed to bring down the economy

13 hours 55 minutes ago
(Natural News) Start doing everything the corrupt government tells you to do and you will be broke, sick and starving in no time flat. In America, fear is big business, and within just two years, the propaganda machine of virus mania hand-walked 270 million Americans right to the poison well – submission by vaccination. Like...

Pfizer now targeting children with new Lyme disease "vaccines"

17 hours 52 minutes ago
(Natural News) If all goes as planned, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer will soon be dispensing “seasonal” Lyme disease vaccines – the first of their kind. But first, the company wants to test them on little children. Lyme injections are the latest pharmakeia brew to be unveiled by Pfizer, which is reportedly in the final phase of...

Study finds 29% of teenagers develop heart problems following second dose of Pfizer's mRNA COVID-19 vaccine

18 hours 2 minutes ago
(Natural News) A new study from Thailand has found that 29 percent of children who received Pfizer’s mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine suffered heart-related effects afterward. The researchers studied 301 students across two schools in Thailand. The students were all between the ages of 13 and 18 and had already been partially vaccinated with Pfizer’s...

US Treasury group blacklists cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash over predictable “money laundering” claims

21 hours 17 minutes ago

(Natural News) The Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), a U.S. government watchdog agency, sanctioned cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash on Monday, August 8. The OFAC said Americans could no longer use the app because it "launders the proceeds of cybercrimes.""Despite public assurances otherwise, Tornado … [Read More...]

Biden administration tearing US apart by turning it into a Marxist society

21 hours 30 minutes ago

(Natural News) The Joe Biden administration is tearing the United States apart by turning it into a Marxist society that allows foreign infiltration into the government.In the August 9 episode of "Restricted Republic," host Lisa Haven said it is particularly interesting that the Biden administration is being run by former registered … [Read More...]

Donald Trump: Remove rogue bureaucrats and root out the Deep State

21 hours 49 minutes ago

(Natural News) Former President Donald Trump told a crowd at the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) that the next president must "remove rogue bureaucrats and root out the Deep State," and be laser-focused on destroying the "New World Order" to thwart the plans of the elites to destroy the United States of America."As we … [Read More...]

Hackers could exploit software flaw in Emergency Alert System to cause mass panic

22 hours 9 minutes ago

(Natural News) The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently confirmed that cyber criminals could exploit a software flaw in the national Emergency Alert System (EAS) to hijack it and issue fake warnings over radio and television stations."We recently became aware of certain vulnerabilities in EAS encoder/decoder devices that, if … [Read More...]

Mainstream media downplays good news at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

22 hours 16 minutes ago

(Natural News) There has been a massive rise in the annual growth of coral over Australia's Great Barrier Reef (GBR). According to the 2021-2022 annual summary from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), the level of coral cover in the northern and central areas of the reef is now at its highest levels over the past 36 years of … [Read More...]

DIY cleaning supplies: 3 Simple recipes for homemade cleaning products

22 hours 25 minutes ago

(Natural News) Prepping before SHTF isn't limited to just stocking up on ammo for your firearms, food and water for your family.Before disaster strikes, you should also stock up on other survival essentials like household cleaning products. Maintaining cleanliness in your homestead or bug-out location will help protect your loved ones … [Read More...]

Fourteen young Canadian docs die after getting the shot. Normally would be ~0 over 30 years

22 hours 48 minutes ago

(Natural News) Executive summaryA doctor friend of mine in Canada heard about 15 deaths of Canadian doctors over the last 9 months. He’s been in practice for 30 years. He’s never heard of any such unusual deaths before of doctors. Zero in 30 years. Why is he now, all of a sudden, hearing of so many deaths, and why are these deaths all … [Read More...]

Lyme disease vaccine: Pfizer launches phase 3 trial targeting kids, adults

23 hours 2 minutes ago

(Natural News) Pfizer on Monday said it launched the final phase of testing for an experimental vaccine to prevent Lyme disease.(Article by Megan Redshaw republished from company plans to create a seasonal vaccine that people age 5 and older can get during the months when ticks are most active.If … [Read More...]

2 hours 51 minutes ago
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