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Guitar Snobs

Are you a Guitar Snob?

I recently walked into a local Las Vegas large music store in the hopes of trying out a couple of high end Tube Amp Heads. I have always been a Fender Tube Combo Amp player with a custom shop Vintage Telecaster. I still use my Telecaster but I leave it tuned in Open G Tuning for that Stones sound. About a year and a half ago I wanted a Les Paul type guitar with Humbuckers for that kick ass rock sound. I knew I didn't want a Gibson because of the weight and the price. My first guitar was a Gold Top Les Paul and I hated it, hence the switch to the Telecaster.

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Band Backdrop Banners

Band Stage Backdrops

One of the Stage Props that any real band, be it Cover or Original needs to create a professional stage image is a Band Backdrop with your band logo displayed for everyone to see. It will lift your band to the next level and prove that you are serious musicians ready to be recognized.

Do you have any clue what a real band stage backdrop is made out of or what material you should use? I would assume that 95% of musicians have no clue whatsoever. Have you begun to look into getting a backdrop made and found out that no one can really tell you what materials to use, Vinyl or cloth?, What Size or where to actually purchase the right backdrop?

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Making A Music Video

Music Videos

In this day and age almost every band will eventually be looking to produce some type of live band video promo to add to their Website or EPK. The video should help them to project their image and hopefully expand their audience. Booking agents require this professional video as a first contact and it becomes the bands ultimate selling point to get in the door to bigger and better gig opportunities.

The first steps are to produce a proper professional studio sound recording that will be used as the sound track for the live video shoot.

Choosing a recording studio to lay down the audio tracks is really just a personal preference.

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