The Band:

Brittany (Slick Britt) is the CoverJunkies Absolutely Gorgeous Lead Vocalist with an amazing voice that will "Blast Your Favorite Rock Tunes" into "Another Dimension".
Bob is the CoverJunkies Famously Bass-Tastic Bass Player who holds the solid foundation "Fueled by Alcohol and Talent".
Michael is the Bands solid Drummer that "Slams The Skins" with magical authority and keeps the solid back beat for this High Performance Rock Band.
Lyubo is the Bands Lead Guitarist & Vocalist who's masterful licks will remind you why The CoverJunkies are the "Best Cover Band In Las Vegas".
Danny is our Second Lead Guitarist & Lead Vocalist that will Rock Your World with more MOJO than you can possibly handle.

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Band Bio's:




Danny Ortiz

Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals


Danny has been playing the guitar for more than 40 years. Born in Southern California and exported to New Zealand, He began playing the guitar at the age of around 10. He found a guitar in the coat closet of his childhood home and began to learn how to play it by listening to Chuck Berry Albums. He grew up listening to a vast variety of music genre's, but it was the rock sounds of the 70s that Danny enjoyed playing the most. Bands and artists such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, The Doors, The Allman Brothers, Humble Pie, The Rolling Stones, Traffic, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Beach Boys, Aerosmith, B.B. King and AC/DC are just some of Dannys’ major influences, and because of this huge variety of styles - is the reason why Danny is such a versatile guitarist.


Danny plays acoustic and electric guitars as well as playing in many different open keys and alternate tunings like his Guitar Hero, "Keith Richards" from the Rolling Stones. Danny's extremely solid rhythm playing sets him apart from many other players. His solo playing resembles whatever song he may be covering because he believes that people want to hear the songs the way they heard them on the radio, and that's exactly what he delivers.


Danny Played throughout New Zealand with his original band "Human Eyes" which did extremely well during the early 90's then Danny Played for a signed act in New Zealand with a small record label "One Foot/Brubeck Records" for the Band, "Monkey Puzzle" in 1997. During that time Danny played under the stage name of "Gnat The Brat" and was the featured person on the cover of the "Cigarettes And Sourbears" CD. Danny now continues his music playing with the Band that he established here in Las Vegas, "The CoverJunkies".


Danny uses Fender and Hot-Rodded Epiphone Vintage Les Paul's and Hughes & Kettner / Victory Amplifiers.




Lyubo - CJ Lead Guitar


Lyubomir Radkov ( Lyubo)
Lead Guitar / Vocals

Lyubo has over thirty years of experience playing guitar for bands in small bars and night clubs to the big stage; from solo entertainer to twelve piece bands. He is an experienced musician with wide-ranging styles in the music industry. He brings passion for the industry and a positive attitude. He will entertain and engage the audience with his masterful playing skills.


Lyubo has collaborated with Sherry Gordy Vol.1 Christmas Songs (recording guitar), European touring with Valentina (Norwegian pop/country/rock singer with a golden record).He has vast Cruise Ship Experience - Norway-Denmark, Sweden-Finland, Belgium-England, Holland-England. He has also Performed all over Europe - Spain, Norway, Denmark, England, Belgium and Holland.


Lyubo played, Touring Europe for 15 years before moving to the United States in 2010. He performed with the: ‘YOU AND I’ BAND - Las Vegas, Nevada. He has also previously performed for A musical salute to Rick James and Teena Marie - Performed at Hotel & Casino Showrooms, Zaina Juliette feat. The Z-Funk Tribe- Las Vegas, Nevada and also has Performed original music at Hotel & Casino Showrooms, Black Music Awards Las Vegas, Solo Acts - Bars, Restaurants, Art Galleries and a Weddings , Private Events and Duo Acts for Lounge Bars and Casinos.


Lyubo plays Fender Guitars and Hughes & Kettner Amplifiers.




Bob - Bass Guitar


Bob Kneesel
Bass / Vocals

Bob is a native Chicagoan and has been making music for over fifty years. Starting on keyboards as a child, he moved to bass guitar and then guitar in his early teens. His experience in the Chicago area included working with several rock bands prior to moving to Las Vegas


While Bob has been established in Las Vegas he has played with multiple Classic Rock Bands and has forayed into Country Music for a period of two years. His style is to emulate the original music that we all know and love and he admires John Entwistle, John Bonham and Stanley Clarke. His major influences include The Who, The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC. Bob has performed at various venues with many bands throughout the Vegas Valley. He has held down the low end for the The Cover Junkies for the past two years.


Bob plays Fender Bass's and Ampeg Amplification systems.