CoverJunkies News


The CoverJunkies are heading into the recording studio to lay down the tracts for the new Video.


The CoverJunkies are now complete once again and Slick Britt has been added as the Front Lead Vocalist. We can now continue with creating the promo package and begin booking. See you soon.


The New CoverJunkies will be playing "Saturday October 26th" @ "The Bounty Hunter",

415 E Windmill Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89123 - 9:00 PM till Late for their "Halloween Party"!

Come and see the new members and a whole new list of songs.


The CoverJunkies are currently recording and scheduling our video shoot and band pictures. Organizing 5 people is a nightmare. We hope to bring you top notch professional video and band pictures for the CoverJunkies new bookings.

Please Stay tuned.


We have now picked a New Lead Frontman Vocalist (Robert) - and a New Second Guitarist (Lyubo).

New Gig Dates, Video, Pics and promo package are coming real soon. We have already booked gigs and we will have an announcement very Soon.

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