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CoverJunkies is an information site bringing you The Truth about what is really going on in America and around the world. We hope that this information empowers Americans and all Humanity around the world to wake up and join the vastly growing Silent Majority to stand up for your Human Rights and quit allowing the monetary, political and main stream media minority brainwashing and controlling you.

The evil that you are allowing to control you is programming you through the media, televison and political puppets who care nothing about you, they are in the process of dividing humanity by race, fear and controlling your actions. Keep you divided, locked down and in fear is a simple tactic (Divide and Conquer). Their worst fear is for everyone to break free from their lie of control and rebel against their smoke screen. They have no power and if we rise up together and say enough they cannot control us.

STOP Listening to the main stream media lies and disinformation - Stop watching TV (Remember - Divide and Conquer). Time to use your own logical and deductive reasoning to see through the lies and the programming. I know you are seeing governors and mayors doing contradicting and wrong things right in front of your eyes and yet you don't even question the motive? WAKE UP - because if you don't you will deserve the HELL and control you are destined for because of your failure to break free and stand up. The real fight is coming to your door and you better pick a side!


We HAVE to stop acquiescing – or else: David Icke
You Can't Fix Stupid

If you are a mask wearing conformist you definitely fit right into their plans. Do you not see that they have no power over you and cannot force you to do anything? I get it, you are afraid, afraid of what/who? Either grow some courage or get swallowed up.

My family in NZ are being swallowed up because they will not stand up and fight! Like I said You Can't Fix Stupid. You meek little cowards! Grow a pair and fight back because they are out to kill you.