Guitar Snobs

Are you a Guitar Snob?

I recently walked into a local Las Vegas large music store in the hopes of trying out a couple of high end Tube Amp Heads. I have always been a Fender Tube Combo Amp player with a custom shop Vintage Telecaster. I still use my Telecaster but I leave it tuned in Open G Tuning for that Stones sound. About a year and a half ago I wanted a Les Paul type guitar with Humbuckers for that kick ass rock sound. I knew I didn't want a Gibson because of the weight and the price. My first guitar was a Gold Top Les Paul and I hated it, hence the switch to the Telecaster. I searched online and found a cheap Epiphone - "Epiphone Les Paul Special VE", with simple single Volume and Tone control at a $150 price tag. I had it shipped and plugged it in. That was the Humbucker sound I was looking for. I performed a complete setup and put standard Gibson Green stone Tuning heads on it and man does it sing. It's light, stays in tune, has the perfect neck radius for me and gives me the sound I want. Cheap guitar?, Yeah but it does the job I need it for and I can play the hell out of it.

So back to my story. I had heard someone playing through a Hughes and Kettner Tube Amp Head and A Victory Sheriff Amp. Man I was totally blown away by the sound of those two amps. Was a sound I couldn't get with my Fender Amps. I read everything about them and decided I wanted to play my cheap ass guitar through them to see if I like them. I walk into the local music store and the first thing I see is the manager is the guitarist for a rival cover band here in Las Vegas. I ask him if I can try out the 2 amps? Low and behold they don't have those type of high end amps. I don't remember what amp I played through there, but I had brought my cheap Epiphone guitar in and they all bet sneered. I walked away laughing.

So I am playing a gig just after Christmas as a stand in guitarist for the band that this music shop guy played for normally. They relayed the story to me how he told them that I had walked into his shop one day wanting to play a high end amp and showed up with a piece of crap $100 guitar. This guitar snob probably plays a high dollar guitar but the funny thing is he totally sucks as a guitarist. I play circles around this Yabo, and yeah with my piece of crap cheap ass guitar. LMAO.

Before you knock cheap guitars, play one. Any bock of wood will work with the right setup and pick ups but most importantly you gotta know how to play. I believe that the guitar you choose is only 10% of your sound, The Player is the key to making anything Rip.

Just My opinion.