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Buses, Trains and Planes – (You’re Some Kind of Stupid)

Are you really that stupid?

Let’s see.


So you have been scared into believing there is actually some kind of killing virus (Plandemic)? You have been instructed/mandated on what to wear on your face, how far to stand from each other, whether you can work or not, whether your children can go to school or not and basically your life has been dictated to you by a whole dishonest lying group of people and corporations with an agenda to manipulate an American election and control the entire world as we know it today.

Have you even once tried to investigate/debunk/disprove what they are telling you? Do you actually consider yourselves to be stupid? Is what they are telling you – Truth? I would bet that what you are afraid of is exactly what they told you? – You could die? If you are actually afraid to die then you are shallow, your life is already meaningless and you are their prime target for control. They feed you disinformation about the so called (Plandemic), by the main stream media channels that you continue to watch but have you even noticed what they are doing and actually saying right in front of your face that makes absolutely no sense at all? Riots are OK, BLM is OK, Antifa is OK, Looting is OK, destruction is OK, let’s let the convicted criminals out,defund the police, Actors can have their awards- that’s OK as well but you cannot go to work, to church or place of worship, to school, out to eat, to movies etc. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? (You must be STUPID)

So, let’s get back to the headline of this article. I normally fly weekly for my profession but since everyone has decided to let the few dictate to the masses, I no longer fly.

Why would anyone pay them for a Bus Trip, Train Trip or Flight and have them dictate the wearing of a useless mask to you? That is absolutely absurd to me. You really need to take a step back and analyze what you are doing and how you are giving up your right to life and paying them to control you!

I suggest you all stop wearing the stupid mask, stand up for yourself and take your self respect back! Start to think logically, watch and pay attention how they are actually showing you their hypocrisy and just imagine how they must be laughing at all of you conforming to a lie. Go outside play in the fresh air, hug your children, live life and be ready and armed when they come because, yes they will come. When the majority stands up against the fascist minority they no longer have any control over you. Stand up for yourself and do not let the few dictate to you. You have a right to live life as free people, not controlled robots.

Wake up and live life! I pray you take heed before it is too late.