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CURRENCY: A Race to The Bottom.

By Gregory Mannarino TradersChoice.net

If you think inflation is bad now, well you haven’t seen anything yet!

Allow me to set the stage for you… for years, world central banks have been in a collective and deliberate race to devalue their respective currencies, a literal race to the bottom!

This race to the bottom/devaluing of currencies has been going on FOR MANY YEARS! And I have covered this phenomenon at length, also for years, in my daily YouTube Market Reports. Moreover, it is this race to the bottom, to see how fast central banks can suck the purchasing power out of their currencies which is the root cause for surging global inflation. PERIOD.

Central banks collectively are increasing, exponentially, the global currency supply in circulation by deliberately inflating, or INCREASING, the money supply at a staggering pace. In fact, the global money supply today is ballooning at its fastest pace on record! And you can expect the global money supply to DOUBLE from here in short order, yes DOUBLE! So, what does this mean? Well, its Economics 101.

By increasing the money supply, you have more currency available to chase the same, or lesser amount of goods as today the global economy is collapsing. Increasing the money supply as the world economy slows dramatically is the perfect recipe for inflation to continue to rise moving forward for as far as the eye can see.

To push this point home, for many months now world central banks have been raising rates which is ONLY meant to crush demand and slow the economy meanwhile, these same central banks are continuing to inflate the global money supply!

Inflation is a direct result of an expanding money supply.

So why do central banks want to devalue their currencies?

A central banks ability to issue debt is its only source of power, and EVERY central bank issued note(s) are nothing more than units of debt! So inflating the money supply makes them stronger. Today central banks are on a relentless mission to continue to inflate by any means.

Since the inception of central banking these institutions have had but one goal- TO ONE DAY BECOME THE BUYERS AND LENDERS OF LAST RESORT… to have complete dominance and full control of the world financial system, to track every single financial transaction down to the decimal point.

Central banks are on this race to the bottom/destroying the purchasing power of their currencies to eventually cause the current financial system to implode on itself, only to issue in a completely new 100% digital cashless system under their FULL control.




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PERSONAL UPDATE: My personal view on 99% of these Crypto fakes is that they are nothing more than content creators making money off of your views. Are they ever right in their analysis? Not really, they always give their general opinion that the market can go up or down - NO SHIT. Pay attention to them at your own risk.

My personal favorite one is Crypto Mobster because at least he has true explanations and chart evaluations. The Only One I TRUST.


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